Ammonia Training Courses

Category A

Ammonia Plant Training - Part 1

SAQCC Gas Category A is a 4-day Ammonia Plant Training Course, with Part 1 incorporating the operation of basic ammonia refrigeration system and more about plant equipment, operation and safety.

This course takes operators through the concept of pressure and temperature relationship of refrigerants as applied to the refrigerant cycle and is about applying this to a refrigeration plant with the operation of individual components, their inter-relationship and basic trouble shooting of controls and equipment.

The course cover the following material:

  • Explaining the operation of the vapour compression refrigeration system with the aid of a block diagram
  • Explaining why the evaporation and condensation of refrigerants occur at constant temperatures/pressures
  • Explaining change of phase, and temperature increase
  • Understanding the relationship between pressure and temperature of refrigerants
  • Explaining the function of components and the processes taking place in the refrigeration cycle
  • Plant room training
  • Evacuation Procedures

At the end of this course the operator should have a basic understanding of how his plant works, what the components do and basic fault finding, as well as what to look for if there are operational problems.

Who should attend? Anyone entering or working in an ammonia refrigeration plant room must be SARACCA / SAQCC Gas Registered, with the minimum requirement being Cat A Plant Operator/Observer.

Category A

Ammonia Response Training - Part 2

This is the second part of a 4-day Ammonia Plant Training Course, which incorporates Emergency Response Procedures and all safety aspects in and around an Ammonia Refrigeration Plant.

Safe Practices for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

Day 1: This section of the course is designed to instruct all staff in safety aspects whilst working at ammonia facilities. The course includes the following material:

  • First Aid
  • Dealing with an ammonia leak
  • Ammonia Systems, Safety Equipment & Emergency Procedures
  • Safety in the Workplace
  • Signage

Day 2: This section of the course is designed to instruct all staff in the practical aspects of dealing with an ammonia leak.

  • First response
  • Adherence to emergency procedures
  • Choosing correct safety equipment to use
  • Donning of safety equipment and breathing apparatus training
  • Interaction of "buddy-buddy" system
  • Produce a Response Plan for a given emergency.
  • Undertake a simulated response to an incident
  • Look at a site response to an incident

On Completion of training all succesful learners must be registered with SARACCA / SAQCC Gas as competent within their scope of work after completing Category A plant operator / observer training.