Ammonia Training Courses

Category B

Safe Handling of Ammonia

Safe Practices for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

For artisans in possessiion of a trade certificate and competency in SARACCA / SAQCCGas Category A, as well as a minimum of 3 years' hands-on experience. The course covers the following material:

  • Pressure testing procedure
  • Understanding the basic ammonia refrigeration system
  • Evacuation of the System
  • Charging Ammonia into the System
  • Decanting ammonia from refrigeration plant & container storage
  • Draining oil from an Ammonia refrigeration system
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Contamination of ammonia with water and air
  • Purging air from an ammonia system
  • Environmental issues
  • Legal Publications Applicable
  • SANS 10147
  • OHS Act
  • Pressure Equipments Regulations
  • Look at a site response to an incident

On Completion of training all succesful learners must be registered with SARACCA / SAQCC Gas as competent within their scope of work after completing Category B Handling Ammonia Safely.

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